Be a part of this exciting venture! Together we can make a big positive impact to our shared environment! With any position, keep in mind that based on your performance, willingness to learn and relationship with the team during your employment, you may receive membership interest (percentage ownership of the company); in other words, we want more hard working, talented and passionate individuals in our leadership team, and we are hoping that you may be one of them!

Current Need
  • Prototype and Test Engineer / Intern

    • Design and build test environment (wave tank etc)​

    • Build miniature embodiments of the inventions

    • Test and gather data

  • Simulation and Design Engineer / Intern

    • Simulate our technology for continuous testing and improvements

    • Participate in design and tests

    • Participate in R&D

  • Administrative Assistant

    • Handle website updates

    • Coordinate communications between stakeholders, potential candidates, potential employees and investors

    • Coordinate paperwork, tax deadlines and compliance

    • Organize travel, meetings and assets